Joint Engine Reconditioners Conference 2014, Queensland, Australia

Surfers Paradise from the beach

The 2014 Joint 50th Anniversary Engine Reconditioners Conference is being hosted by the NZ Engine Reconditioners Association and the Engine Reconditioners Association of Australia.

Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia has been selected for this Anniversary event, principally due to its locality and attractions and, of course, the weather.

The Conference runs in tandem with an exhibition expo between 25–28 September 2014.

The southern hemisphere’s premier engine remanufacturing conference & trade expo

This conference is for you, whether you run an engine reconditioning workshop, are a manufacture or supplier in the component sector or a direct supplier to the Industry with chemicals and consumables, or are in allied services, equipment and machinery, trade training or technical services, financial, insurance or any other connected services.

The Industry landscape continues to change, impacting on all businesses associated with this sector of the automotive industry. For those operating directly in the Australian market, it’s time to work through the changes that are coming now and gain a greater understanding of the post vehicle assembly market.

Be ahead of the game in technical and business competitiveness. Be part of a growing network that can help you to grow your business and increase your revenue prospects.

We look forward to you joining what will be a memorable event.

Peter Kennedy, President NZ Engine Reconditioners Association
Ashley Wilson, Chairman Engine Reconditioners Association of Australia
Keith Wood, Executive Director NZERA — Conference Co-Ordinator

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